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Best time to visit


Each season has its unique charm and its advantages.


Living in Marloth Park you will experience a humid subtropical climate with mild winters and warm summers, making it an ideal holiday destination all year round.

Spring (Aug -> Oct)

Min: 18°C

Max: 30°C

In October, it is very dry but animals are easier to spot and they gather at the waterholes. Nature is waiting for the rains.

September to November are months that we ourselves have often chosen for safari. It is warm but not hot, animals do not hide from the heat and there are not many people around.

Summer (Nov -> Jan)

Min: 20°C

Max: 35°C

In summertime, it is hot. However, one can always cool down in the rock pool. Moreover, it also is the rainy season, so one does have rain showers that bring refreshment.

The dazzling lightning storms in the evening are a sight in itself. 

Everything is lush and green, flowers bloom and animals have their young. A wonderful delight.


Autumn (Feb -> Apr)

Min: 15°C

Max: 28°C

In March, nature is at its best after the rains and the plains look lovely, but in the high grass not moving game is more difficult to see. However, you will still see plenty, as the animals often like walking on the tarmac roads.

During March to May, it is warm but not hot.

Winter(May -> Jul)

Min: 12°C

Max: 25°C

In wintertime, skies will be bright blue and clear. During the day, temperature is ideal at about 25°C. At night it is cooler but never cold. The bush is getting drier, so it is easier to spot animals and the animals will come very close to your doorstep, some in search for a snack (pellets can be bought at the shop).



Although Marloth Park is considered a 'low risk malaria area', it might be advised for foreigners to protect themselves in the wet season, this is December-January. We ourselves are European and do not take pills in Marloth Park. In the dry season, a normal mosquito protection should be sufficient. If you have forgotten anti-malarial medication at home, these tablets can be obtained at the pharmacy in Malelane or Komatipoort, without a prescription and cheaper than in Europe.

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